Practice what you preach!!

While ordering dinner the other night with some friends, I realized they were waiting to see what I was going to order and then order after me.  At first I thought it was odd, but later realized that they were seeing if I was going to order something “healthy” or not.

Since working in the nutrition/didactic field I have realized more and more the importance that walking and talking  go hand in hand.  It’s common sense that people will listen to you as long as you are following the same motto….so it baffles me that many doctors/nurses and other health-care providers advise their patients to quit smoking, drink in moderation and make sure to eat healthy and exercise while half of them I see smoke, drink, rarely exercise and order out all the time. I’m not saying that I’m perfect; however I try to be somewhat consistent especially when I know there is someone ALWAYS watching.

I admit I love my Cheetos and chicken wings; however I’ve learned over the years that what I advise to people should be consistent to what I practice myself.  I sometimes think health care is all about persuasion and the only way to make a difference to someone else is by setting the example first.  So over the years, I’ve become more aware that if I tell people they should be exercising 5 plus days per week, increase fruits and vegetables and not smoke and drink in moderation..well I better be doing just that.  I must say trying to fit exercise in 5 days a week on top of work, school and soon-to-be family isn’t always accomplished; however I do try to squeeze in at least 4 days if I’m lucky.

In regards to increasing fruits/vegetables, not smoking and drinking in moderation, I’ve been able to keep this motto up for now however it has taken me some practice and changes throughout the years.

So any practices, advice or motto you stand by that sometimes you find yourself not living??

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