Eat to live or live to eat…

It’s been shown a strong correlation that food can encompass anything from energy to fuel our bodies to celebrating our birthday and wedding or our comfort food when times are tough.  However you view food, we are always surrounded by food as we drive pass the billboards and fast-food places or else remembered by the hunger pains we feel around noon.  I guess the question is do you live to eat or eat to live?

Our country produces the highest food commodity and yet we still have high poverty and food insecurity throughout the country.  How do we come up with a solution in order to fairly distribute food supplies to where no one is deprived? And how do we as a country who produce so much have an extreme paradigm to where we are the fattest country in the world yet the numbers continue to grow regarding food insecurity?

Have we become a country where we live to eat?  We view food more as a pleasurable activity rather than one of our basic human needs in order to survive.  The next time you have a celebration and/or at a social gathering, ask yourself as you see the food surrounding you if you live to eat or eat to live.

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2 Responses to Eat to live or live to eat…

  1. Sasha Dowd says:

    This is a good question…I’m embarrassed to say that I think I live to eat. When it is put like that, it is a real wake up call that we should be eating to fuel our bodies not to simply eat. Good article!

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