Leadership begins at home

While taking my dog out for a walk today, I began thinking of management and leadership both at work, school and at home.  It struck me that leadership begins first at home.  We are taught by society when individuals cohabit in a home like environment, there are expectations to fulfill certain roles and responsibilities.  So how does one manage the family dynamics and become the leader they want to be for their family?

I’ve learned in order to be an excellent leader in the work environment, you must already be an excellent leader at home.  Both have similar situations such as relationships that are built on trust, compassion, love and sacrifice, and chores such as finance, running errands, cooking, cleaning, etc.

Can you see how the two are a mirror image of each other?  As found in the work environment, certain employees have special skill sets for them to work in a particular area.  Having to build effective relationships at work is the same as with the household.  It requires sacrifice, trust, compassion and love for the purpose.  How we communicate in the household for example, children need to ask permission from parents is the same when an employee asks for permission from the boss.

I truly believe that leadership skills begins at home; however how the skills are sharpened depends on the person and how they carry these skills in the workforce.  Hopefully they will learn what leadership characteristics are most effective because unlike work, you are only required 40+ hours/wk compared to at home, it’s completely a different story.

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