you embrace or refuse??

Change.  Defined as shifting from one to another or to give a different course, position or direction.  We are encountered with changes daily; yet for most of us are we able to embrace change with optimism or do we stumble when change occurs?

I’ve learned depending on the age generation and personal characteristics, change can be viewed as a positive and enlightening experience or it can lead to a complete disaster.  We are seeing a change in the workforce for example of baby boomers working longer and having to embrace the changes that are continuously occurring based on the newest technology and business practices.  For some, re-learning how to communicate more effectively, produce more efficiently in less time and adjusting to the constant workforce’s no wonder that some individuals hate the word change.

I am a firm believer that change is ALWAYS a positive experience based on how you perceive it.  When one becomes too complacent in their ways, production, motivation and satisfaction tend to become affected.  I’ve learned with the many changes that I have been faced with over the last few years have all happened for a reason. Reflecting back I have personally developed and acquired more skill sets than I had initially bargained for and continue to grow as an individual within my profession and the many  other roles that I am placed in daily.

My suggestion…how you embrace change will have a direct effect on the course given to you.  It is your personal responsibility to be the leader in your life.


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