Defined by a number..

While driving to school today, I heard an interesting topic that I believed once pondering on has much significance and recognition.  Do we allow ourselves to be defined by a number?  Numbers in general is how we identify our age, salary, social security, credit score, weight, GPA and various other rankings that we are socially constructed and expected to adhere toward.

As we self reflect toward defining ourselves, some of us may find that we allow to let numbers categorize us instead of us defining who we are through our actions, accomplishments and personal branding.  We are responsible in how others perceive us and our personal reputation is arguably the most delicate factor that we can control.

Next time you find yourself being socially constructed into a category based on your so-called number..take a moment to reflect and realize that the number alone does not justify who you are, what you were and most importantly, who you will become.


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One Response to Defined by a number..

  1. Sean Walsh, RD says:

    Is it any different than a food defining you? Or a sports team? How about if the number that defines you is good, like a low cholesterol number? Everyone has something that defines them even if it is the fact that they have nothing to define them. If numbers are used in a positive way they are as good as any other thing. The number 133 defines me.

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