Back to the Grind?!

So I realized after building a website for our local dietetic organization that it had been quite some time since I updated my own personal website and post what has been going on this past year.

My husband and I were blessed with our first son this June and life has opened many opportunities for both of us. I began taking classes for a master’s in public health and went back to work part-time at the hospital and teach a nutrition lab at the local community college.  I also decided to serve as a secretary for a local dietetic organization.

The question remains…can a woman balance both career and family?  I can say through my personal experience that it takes time management, determination and support. There have been times where I felt somewhat overwhelmed but realized that it was my responsibility and my choice in pursuing these responsibilities in order to improve not only for myself but also for my family by trying to provide the best that I can.

In the end, I truly believe it is manageable and depends highly on the individual.  All I can say is what works for some women may not work for others. Is there a right or wrong way of doing things such as raising kids or feeling “guilty” going back to work?  From what I’ve observed and learned from all the advice that has been given to me (whether I asked for it or not), I know what works for myself and my family and I am completely supportive with the decisions we make.

With that being said, here’s to a learning and unpredictable semester!

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